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Hair... The Beginning


Beautiful hair begins with healthy hair and healthy hair starts long before you can see it. Before we start learning about services and maintenance, We will get you familiar the basics of hair. On this page, we'll cover a little on hair structure, chemistry, growth and maintenance. I will also give you some terms and definitions that will be helpful in understanding your hair.

Healthy Soil Healthy Tree

The scalp is the part of your body where beautiful hair begins. Proper exercise, diet, stress management and hygiene are the first steps to acquiring healthy hair. That said, your scalp requires constant maintenance. 


As a hair stylist, I can tell you that most people need to take care of their scalps better, if they could see it from our view point they'd feel the same.


A healthy scalp requires the same care you give to your face. In the salon we offer scalp treatments. Scalp Treatments perform the same function a Facial.

-Keep it clear of excess and unwanted debris.


-Massage and manipulate the scalp to promote blood flow and spread your natural oils through the hair.


-Be cautious of chemical or styling damage to the scalp.


-Use recommended moisturizers and supplements when needed.


-Use products which are agreeable with your body's delicate chemistry

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