Hair Color at Vasuda Salon

Vasuda Salon Uses Davines MASK WITH VIBRACHROM

The protein extract of Quinoa is able to increase the absorption of color and allows it to be retained for longer periods of time. It consists of ingredients that are very similar to the structure of the hair. It binds the pigments firmly to the hair and then forms a dual protection, from the inside out.
Davines uses Omega 9 as a conditioning agent. It’s rich in a fatty acid so it nourishes and smoothes. It’s the undisputed star of the Mask with Vibrachrom. This conditioning agent creates a lipid film, increasing the internal reflecting property of the hair, resulting in a shine without limits.
Phospholipid carriers are used which allows the high penetration of the pigment into the hair. It reduces the surface tension, distributing the color evenly. Perfect for grey hair, fragile, or difficult to color hair!
Bottom line: the incredible durability, feeling of softness, and the brilliance that you see are just some of the amazing features you will find. Davines has made its mission to bring the absolute best out in the color world and that mission sits complete with Mask with Vibrachrom.

Davines Ammonia-Free Color "A New" Color

Vasuda Salon uses Davines "A New Color" - an innovative system that is ammonia free! 
A New Color is safe, ethical and sustainable, and uses the properties of natural tech active ingredients.  It is gentle, nature inspired hair color that allows for infinite possibilities.  The carefully balanced ingredients create long-lasting color and shine. Hair looks vibrant, luminous and intense. 
The high performing color works on target to create multi-faceted, velvety color that is gentle and nourishing to the hair.  Experience maximum comfort during processing as this ammonia free color system has full respect for the hair's structure, and is free from strong odors.

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