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Our Team, Our Neighbors, Our Friends Our Family ...Your Community.

Supporting Families Affected by Chronic Illness 

Emmett Henley and Vasuda Salon have been in the business of helping people feel beautiful for over 20 years. "I understand when we are dealing with difficult challenges and adjusting to a new normal it helps to look and feel beautiful. It can make all the difference. In 2019 we are focusing on working with individuals and Families affected by HIV, AIDS, and related conditions. 

  • Our efforts include but are not limited to: 

  • Donating haircare, skincare, Makeup, wigs, and styling tools.

  • Donating and discounting services 

  • Working with parents, children, and foster families to address diverse beauty and hygiene needs. 

  • Supporting organizations with procurement, auction, space, resources and time.

You can help by contacting us to volunteer your time or a donation to help us continue the good work. Thank you. 

Our Past and Current Donations and Philanthropy work: 

  • Donating services to Harriet Tubman Shelter: Tubman provides safe shelter, legal services, counseling, elder care resources, youth programming, and community education while guiding and sustaining individuals and families on the journey from chaos and fear to healing and restoration.

  • Justice & Soul Foundation This organization focuses on the awareness and elimination of sexual exploitation of young women and children globally as well as the restoration of the survivors.

  • Donating services to Chrysalis Center for women with reoccurring addiction and mental health issues.

  • Raising funds for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

  • Charity fundraiser benefiting the Red Cross efforts in Japan. 

  • Mary's Place: Empowering homeless women, children, and families to reclaim their lives by providing shelter, nourishment, resources, healing, and hope in a safe community.

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