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Keratin Treatments

Keratin Smoothing Treatment 
Keratin Treatments are chemical-free hair smoothers that eliminate 100% of frizz and up to 70-80% of curl, reduces puffiness and conditions the hair. Keratin treatments lock in color, seal the cuticle, make hair stronger and offers
movement, swing and shine. The health of the hair is extraordinary. Keratin Treatments have been around for over 11 years and made their way to the US market about 10 years ago. In 10 years, they have been perfected, primarily by the original US keratin manufacturer Marcia Teixeira and Brazilian Blowout.

How Keratin Smoothing Treatments Work 

Keratin treatments work by infusing the hair strand with more keratin protein fiber which holds it straighter. Because the hair has more keratin protein, it is subsequently stronger. The treatment also creates an artificial cuticle and seals the hair strand, locking in moisture and giving hair more shine.
Keratin Treatments can be used on all hair types, over any type of straightener; lye, no-lye, Japanese (thermal), permed, color treated, bleached or highlighted and will actually make hair look & feel healthier.  It can also complement your relaxer service by adding strength and increasing shine and easier styling.  This is the product I've been waiting for my whole career. 
Because of the nature of keratin proteins, there are guidelines to follow for this service.

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