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Vasuda Salon Service List

Vasuda Salon Stylists can deliver an exceptional experience for every client because we value education and teamwork.  Consistent, beautiful technical service across our team is the hallmark of Vasuda Salon.  Effective November 2018 service providers operating at Vasuda Salon are independent professionals operating their business. All services, transactions, and scheduling are done by stylists. Independent Stylists set their own prices and timing for services. to contact a stylist click here 

Associate Stylist (AS) are Licenced Stylist training with Masters Stylists. Scheduling with an Associate Stylist gives you more options in price, value, and creativity.  That said, all Associate Stylist have met high standards to be added to our team. You can also see any Associate Stylist at Vasuda Salon; we are a Team Environment.


Hair & Scalp Conditioning

We can assess your hair and scalp then formulate an intensive conditioning treatment just for you.

Strength & Moisture Treatment - Clarifying Detox Treatment - Split End Repair Treatment - Dry or Oily - Scalp Treatment - Dandruff Treatment -Thinning Hair Treatment  


Starts @ 40 - 90

This experience begins with a thorough consultation and followed by a luxurious cleanse and condition with texture specific products. Each haircut is scheduled for a 45 to 90 minutes depending on the hairstylist. Styling options are diffuse, blowdry & iron, round brush blowdry, wrap or hooded dryer. Every service ends with a custom recommendation.

Vasuda Salon services every hair type and texture. That said, different types require a different approach when cutting, trimming and shaping. 


If you have curly hair, we may start wet but finish dry in its natural state. However, if you would like your hair styled straight after your haircut, we ask that you schedule a touch-up trim within four weeks of your cut.  Touch trims allow your stylist to make sure their work will look good in its natural state if suitable.


Starts @ 40 - 90

This service begins with a consultation and followed by a cleanse and condition with texture specific products. Each gorgeous style is scheduled for a 45 to 90 minutes depending on the hairstylist. Styling options are diffuse, blowdry & smooth flatiron, big bouncy curl, or textured round brush blowout. Texture permitting,  we also offer blow-outs, wrap or hooded dryer. Every service ends with a custom recommendation for your stylist. Vasuda Salon services every hair type and texture. That said, different types require a different approach when styling. 


Premium Styles

Premium Styles Starts @ 70- 120

This service begins with a consultation and followed by a cleanse and condition with texture specific products. Premium Styles are normally scheduled for a bit longer depending on the hairstylist. This styling service may require additional tools and resources (a consultation may be required). 

Flexi-rod Set, Up-Styles, Wedding Styles, Event Style, Hard set, Roller set, Rod set

Vasuda Salon services every hair type and texture. That said, different types require a different approach when styling. 


Hair Color

Single Process Color & Demi-Color Start @ 60 - 120

Single Process Color begins with a consultation to help you achieve the best hair color results. Our single-process color includes permanent or a demi-permanent color application to the new-growth root area and ends if needed.
Every service ends with a custom recommendation and follow-up appointment

Vasuda Salon Uses Davines and Ammonia-Free Color

Premium Color Balayage

Balayage starting @ 100-170

Hand painted highlights or color in strategic locations. Beautiful natural looking highlights. Customization allows for a more natural regrowth, extending the time between color services. Balayage is a premium coloring technique, originating in France over 40 years ago. It uses a free-hand sweeping/painting method, allowing you to achieve that a sun-kissed effect. Beautiful blended results in every color imaginable are the hallmark of this technique. Add a Toner Service to attain dramatic or enhanced effects.

Color - Add On

Some color services may require additional Add-on Services to improve to look, feel, integrity and desired results. 

Olaplex: Reduce damage from any chemical service.

Olaplex is a three-step process includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. We use Olaplex to restore compromised hair or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance. Start @ 20

Toner- Gloss-Rinse: Perfect your color,

TGR can be used as a conditioning treatment to impart shine, tone down brassiness and unwanted undertones. This service can be added to balayage, highlight or any service to enhance color, depth, shine, and richness. Start @ 40

Product Charge:

Additional Product charge may be added depending on length, thickness, and desired results.

Start @ 25


Partial and Full Highlight Start @ 80 -175

From the quietest highlights to the most radiant transformation, Full highlights strategically placed from the crown, side to the nape of the neck.  Partial highlights are added to the top, hairline and where needed. Highlight services can offer dimension, movement, and fullness.

Hair Extention & Addtions

Extensions: Consultation is Free. Extension service starts @ 70 to 1400

Vasuda Salon offers impressive extensions techniques that match your hair type, lifestyle, requirements, and budget. Extensions are the best option for clients who want more length, fullness, body, shape or safer alternative to highlights.We specialize in undetectable extension techniques; the best extensions are the ones no one knows are extensions. Vasuda Salon Offers long and short-term extension service in regards to health, manageability, and wear-ability.

Sewn-In Tape-In MicroLink Weft, Micro Link Sewn In, Crochet Braids, Great Lengths, SoCap, Closers, Net 

Braiding Service

Braiding Consultation (consultation is Free. Service starts at 30 to 120 per hour) 

braid: verb \ ˈbrād \: To interweave 2 or more strands of hair.


While the definition of braiding seems simple, the meaning and statement of Braids can be beautiful, powerful, current, historical and subject. Vasuda Salon has over 15 Artist that offer Braiding Services and a wide variety of styles and techniques.
We require a Braiding consultation. Braiding service is priced by the hour and materials needed. Simple braids can range from 30 to 80 depending on the Artist
During the Consultation, we will try to Direct you to the best Stylist for the job.
Single/Double strand twist, Corn Row, Box Braids, Wedding Braids, Pull Thru Braids, Interlocks, Sisterlock, Dreadlocks, Locks, Goddess Locks, Fishtail Braid, Rope Braids, Braid Design, and More.​


Relaxer Service Retouch or Virgin - starting @ 90-200

Texturizing permanently loosens the natural texture of the hair. A Chemical Texturizer can help release tight curls allowing them to drop, reduce frizz and can offer a more uniform curl, (with the help of styling products). Texturizer service, wash, condition trim and style (curly diffuse or flatiron).

Texturizing refers to applying a solution that will alter the bonds in the hair. A Texturizer is meant to loosen the bond so hair will have a softer curl pattern. Because the desired curl pattern or softness is more visual than technical during the process, a proper texturizer starts with a consultation to determine the client’s needs. Texturizing the hair is a loose term and can mean many things to many clients. Here are a few things you can achieve via Chemical Texturizing.


Relaxer Service Retouch or Virgin - starting @ 90-200

Permanently relaxes and softness tight curl or unruly hair Relaxer Includes consultation, Relaxer service, wash, condition trim and style.
A hair relaxer is a service that makes the hair easier to straighten and manage. It reduces the curl by softening the bonds in the hair strand and chemically altering the texture. The results vary depending on your hair type. It is important to schedule retouch application every 4 to 12 weeks to avoid breakage. This service is suitable for all hair types. Your Vasuda Salon Stylist will recommend the right product for your hair. We recommend a consultation before booking.
Additional product charge may be added depending on length, thickness, and desired results. If you have less than 4 inches of untreated hair, please schedule a Retouch Relaxer.

All Vasuda Salon stylists go through extensive education to enable them to deliver an exceptional experience. Every client - Every time.

Keratin & Smoothing Treatments

Keratin Treatments and Brazilan Blowouts Start @ 300-450

Keratin Express Starts @ 95-150

Keratin treatments contain high concentrations of keratin that penetrate throughout the hair structure and then are sealed within the cortex to repair the damage.

Revolutionary technology does not break the hair’s bonds, instead delivering the versatility of smoother, healthier-looking hair that can be styled wavy or straight as desired. Following your stylists' direction, the results can last 2 to 6 months. This is not a chemical change, as keratin product washes out of hair, your hair may slow return to natural state.

Effectiveness and longevity of this service depend on client following aftercare and maintenance directions.  Additional Product charge may be added depending on length, thickness and desired results,

Permanent Waves & Curls

Permanent Wave or Reformation Curl  Starting at @ 120

Add curls body and Bounce to your hair. Perfect for those with straight hair or those with curly hair that want more control over their style. We use top-of-the-line products to treat your hair and create permanent, fashionable waves or curls.


Reformation Curl Starting at @ 150

Wash & Go Curls for extra frizzy hair and ethnic hair types. A reformation curl, also known as a soft-curl perm or simply a curl, is a process used to restructure very curly hair into a larger curl pattern. The procedure offers clients with tight curl textures an additional option for a more defined patterned.

Make-up Waxing and Skin-Care

Eye Brow Waxing Starting @ 20

Gorgeously groomed brows can transform your face, play up your eyes, and reveal a more confident you. Eyebrow waxing lets you achieve that flawless brows, but it’s best to leave it to the eyebrow experts. 


Lip Waxing Starting @ 10

Silly hair, why must you grow there? Whether you have a little peach fuzz or a serious shadow, when it comes to the lip, neither should exist! Having a clean, silky-soft upper lip is always a good idea — especially with the possible extra attention of a fresh, bold lipstick!

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