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Artists & Stylists

Service providers operating at Vasuda Salon are independent professionals operating their business. All services, transactions, and scheduling are done by stylists. All stylists at Vasuda Salon have experience and are Washington State licensed professional cosmetologists. Emmett Henley works with assistants who have either completed cosmetology programs or are enrolled in the Washington State Apprentice Program.  In November 2018, many of our stylists began partnering with us and operating their own business within Vasuda Salon.  This change allows stylists to have better control of their time, resources, and services while enabling them to offer a more personalized experience for you. 


Trends, Fashion & Technology


Stylists at Vasuda Salon have a screening interview and perform a technical interview (audition) before joining our team. All stylists go through extensive education to enable them to deliver an exceptional experience, consistent technical service, the ability to advise, recommend and educate clients on services, products and home care based on real-life experience. 

South Sound 
Vasuda Team Artists

 Vasuda Salon Team Stylists are stylists working together at both our Seattle and Kent/Des Moines locations. Along with years of experience, team stylists attend advanced training in the latest trends, products, and services. You can see any Vasuda Salon Team Stylists and expect consistent professional service. 

North Seattle Independent Artists

 Vasuda Salon North Seattle has three Independent stylists; leasing space and operating their own business within Vasuda Salon. Being an Independent stylist allows stylists better control of their time, resources, and services. To schedule an appointment with any independent stylist, click the image to connect & schedule them directly.

All independent manage their on schedules, services, products, and payment Vasuda Salon is not liable for any work or promotions a=by independent leasing stylists.

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