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Vasuda Salon is a Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Cultural Hair Salon

An American Salon


The founders of Vasuda Salon (Jessica & Emmett) have worked in the industry for over 30 years at top salons across America. During their careers, they witnessed clients being turned away because of their hair type and salons’ lack of education. They believed in 2002; this was unacceptable. 

In 2003, the first Vasuda Salon opened in Minneapolis, MN., and with the direction of Emmett Henley, we began supplementing stylists’ education to offer a well-rounded skill set.


By being educated in all hair types and servicing a diverse clientele, Vasuda Salon can offer more. We can reach over various experiences, trends, technologies, & solutions to help our clients achieve results customized to their particular lifestyle, desires, and style.


November 2018, some service providers operating at Vasuda Salon are independent professionals operating their business. Stylists do all services, transactions, and scheduling.


live… learn… get Beautiful.  

Vasuda Salon 

Emmett Henley is the authority on hair care maintenance. I believe that no matter what your hair type, all hair demands exceptional care and resources to maintain a beautiful and healthy appearance.



Some Vasuda Salon Stylists received training from Master Stylist Emmett Henley in addition to their formal training to ensure consistent service across our team.


Our talented stylists specialize in beautiful hair color, custom highlights, and relaxer/texturizer services with a focus on maintaining healthy and luxurious hair complimented by amazing haircuts suited specifically for you. Our Stylists offer the newest techniques such as Keratin treatments, fusion bonded extensions, and corrective color.


Schedule a consultation, we will discuss the perfect look that suits your needs!


Call us now at 206.525.0870 and find out why a dependable, professional and creative hair stylist is what every woman and man needs in their life!

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