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Gift Cards and Gift Giving at Vasuda Salon 

Vasuda Salon Gift Card


Walk into the New Year looking good and feeling good. Feel even better by sending the gift beauty style and change to the people in your life. They’ll the best service, experience, information, and convenience.


Vasuda Salon Gift Card is the Easy, Fast & Affordable Gift Ideas


Buy at Vasuda Salon Store or Buy Online

When you Buy a Gift card online :

  • You Choose how it looks and personal message

  • Save Time: Gift Cards and be printed by you or Emailed on the time and date you choose

  • Save Money; Never Wasted: if the person you intended it for doesn’t use it. You can assign it back to your Vasuda Salon account or someone else.

  • Gift Cards can be used for Products or Services 


Gift Card Name   Value & Price

$110 Gift of Style for $100.00

$250.00 Gift of Beauty for $230.00 Best Value

$50.00 Gift of Change 

Your Choice - Gift Card Choose Any Amount

Choose the day you would like the gift certificate sent. (Send 5 co-workers or friends a $25 gift card towards any service at Vasuda Salon and have it scheduled for delivery on Christmas day)


Assignable gift card - Added to your account until claimed 

  • When assignable gift cards are purchased, their value is assigned to the client's account, not the card.

  • When purchased for an undisclosed recipient, the value temporarily remains attached to the card's ID until redeemed by the recipient.

  • If an assignable gift card is lost, the value remains on the client's account.

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