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Hair Styling at Vasuda Salon

Whether it is for a special occasion, going out with friends or just want to see what a professional stylist can offer, Vasuda Salon offers style services for any event. Our clients also come in weekly or every two weeks. This takes the guess work out of doing your hair and puts it in the hands of a professional. 
Natural hair, relaxed hair, curly hair and thick hair is our specialty. Vasuda Salon can give you a beautiful 
blowout, press, flatiron and/or curl. We can also give volume & fullness to fine hair. Vasuda Salon stylist will provide product recommendations for fine or thick hair, curly hair, ethnic hair and chemically treated hair types to maintain your look till your next visit. 
Examples of Styling Services at Vasuda Salon:
  • Blowout
  • Weekly & Bi-Monthly Styling Service
  • Blow-dry Style
  • Round Brush Style
  • Iron Wave
  • 40s Finger Wave
  • Flexi Rod Set
  • Roller Set
  • Updo
  • Braid Style
  • Twists
  • Flat Iron Press & Curl
  • DevaCurl Set
  • Curly Diffuser Set
  • Wedding Styles
Vasuda Salon has many more options for styling. Give a call or book a Free Consultation. 
Hair by Emmett Henley
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Hair by David Gerard
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Braided Upstyle by Emmett
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Hair by Linda Irving
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Hair by Emmett Henley
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Hair by Michelle Smith
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Vasuda Salon Life Images 36-001
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Style on Natural hair
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Hair by Ariana Lopez
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