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Relaxers - Texturizers - Keratin and Curl Reforming 

Relaxing Texturizing, Curl Reformation or Chemically Straightening the hair refers to softening or altering the disulfide bonds. Disulfide bond are responsible for 70% of the hair's strength and its curl. There are many hair relaxers, reformer, straightening and texturizing products and techniques which may all work slightly different. I will go over the types of Hair Relaxer/Texturizer; Hydroxide Relaxers (lye/no-lye), Thio Straightener and Keratin Smoothers (chemical free). 

Hair Relaxers & Hair Texturizers

Relaxing the hair refers to applying a solution that will alter the bonds in the hair. When the bond are changed the hair will permanently be in a relaxed state. when hair is wet it will lay flat on the head, making straight styles easy to achieve


Texturizing the hair refers to applying a solution that will alter the bonds in the hair. A Texturizer is meant to loosen the bond so hair will have a softer curl pattern. Because the desired curl pattern or softness is more visual then technical during the process, a proper texturizer starts with a consultation to determine the client’s needs. Texturizing the hair is a loose term and can mean many things to many clients. Here are a few things you can achieve via Chemical Texturizing. 
Comb-able Texturizers: For very tight curl that is prone to breaking when it is comb. Texturing is used to release the tight curl slightly to make it easier to comb.
Wearable Texturizers: For tight curly hair that grows out and up. Texturing is used to release the tight curl allowing it to drop, reduce frizz and have a more uniform curl, with the help of styling products.
Style-able Texturizers: For any curl tight or loose. The curl is considerably loosened to make styling it straight easier. Hair can also be air dried of a curly/wavy look. Good option for clients how style their hair straight and would like it to remain healthy. 
Softening Texturizers: For Course Hair (curly or straight) to soften strong textures making it easier to style. Good option for Asian hair types too. 


Hair Straighteners

Also called Japanese straightener or thermal Reconstructor. Thio relaxers or Ammonium Thioglycolate relaxers is a chemical agent that causes the hair to soften and swell. Hydrogen and disulfide bonds are affected during this process. With Thio relaxer disulfide bonds break between the two sulfur atoms in the cysteine amino acids. Tension or combing is applied (in a straightening service hair is flat ironed) to reduce the curl or wave pattern. Once hair has the desired straightness it is rinsed and a neutralizer is applied. The neutralizer causes the split cystine amino acids to rejoin in their new pattern. Hair can get extremely straight. 

  •  Extra care must be given to the hair 

  •  May cause hair to become dry 

  •  Limited in color techniques (some very light colors may damage the hair). 

  • Cannot be performed on hair that has been processed with a Hydroxide product.

​Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatments are chemical-free Hair smoothers that eliminates 100% of frizz, up to 70-80% of curl, reduces puffiness and conditions the hair.  Keratin treatments lock in color, seals the cuticle, makes hair stronger, brings movement, swing, shine and the health of the hair is extraordinary. 
Keratin Treatments have been around for over 13 years and made their way to the US market about 6 years ago. In 6 years they have been perfected, primarily by the original US keratin manufacturer Marcia Teixeira.

Curl Reformation (Rearranger) 

A reformation curl, also known as a soft-curl perm or simply a curl, is a process used to restructure very curly hair into a larger curl pattern. Reformation curls require a relaxing product to partially straighten the hair, rods, end wraps, waving lotion, and a neutralizer. This makes the procedure part chemical hair-relaxer service and part permanent waving service. The reformation curl procedure offers clients with tight curl textures an additional option to the natural look or total straightening with chemical relaxing products.

Ultra Smooth

Japzilian Straightening Treatment
Ultra-Straight Beautiful Shine & Amazingly Healthy Hair 
Vasuda Salon is the first salon in Seattle to offer Japzilian Straightening Treatment for clients who want completely straight hair and want it entirely healthy. The Japzilian is a fusion between the Brazilian Keratin Treatment and the Japanese Hair Straightening system. Combining the Best qualities of both treatments, the Japzilian offers better results than either treatment could alone. This means straight hair that moves and swings. That you can just let it air dry and go. 

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