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How to Use a Twist Sponge to get Dread Locks & Locks

Twist Sponge resembles a shorter dreadlock, and is often recommended as a starting point for people who are looking to eventually have them.

This technique has also been widely accepted as an alternate means of twisting hair, and rightfully so considering that a trip to the salon for individual twists can sometimes take over an hour

Our twist sponge comes in an array of shapes and sizes. One of the most common shapes (and quite possibly the first) could be described as an oversized figure 8. we also included a teasing side for longer type 4 hair.

The holes that appear in the bottom of the hair sponge were strategically placed so that when the sponge is gently rubbed in a circular motion over hair tips, the holes then proceed to grab the ends of the hair and twist them together, creating a neat, short and curly look.

Twist Brushes are only $10 at Vasuda Salon and Inventory is limited to 12 at each location Buy online pick up at the salon.

Here is a video that explains step by step how to use it at home.
live… learn… get Beautiful.

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