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We don't have a huge advertising budget, which helps keep our prices reasonable.

Sometimes we get overstocked on a product and have to sell it at cost. Sometimes packaging changes and we want our retail to look pretty. Other times we want to practice a color or styling technique and a live model would be best. 

Whatever the reason we want a win-win scenario. On this Page are the latest specials and ongoing specials 

Advanced Training Specials

40% off Aveda at all location.

Vasuda Salon will be phasing out Aveda; you will be buying it below cost

The following items have changed packaging or we will no longer carry 

Offer expires 2/1/2018

Code: aveda40


40% Off the following items while supplies last 

  1. Aveda  Brand / Supplier

  2. Color Wow Black  Individual Item

  3. Color Wow Blonde  Individual Item

  4. Color Wow Dark Brown  Individual Item

  5. Color Wow Light Brown  Individual Item

  6. Color Wow Medium Brown  Individual Item

  7. Color Wow Platinum  Individual Item

  8. Color Wow Red  Individual Item

  9. KM Born Again Masque 250ml  Individual Item

  10. KM Born Again Treatment 250ml  Individual Item

  11. KM Born Again Wash 250ml  Individual Item

  12. KM Damage Manager  Individual Item

  13. KM Gritty Business  Individual Item

  14. KM Luxury Rinse 250ml  Individual Item

  15. KM Luxury Wash 250ml  Individual Item

  16. KM Texture Master  Individual Item



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