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Moroccanoil Blow Dry Concentrate

You will absolutely love the latest addition to Vasuda Salon!

MOROCCANOIL Blow-Dry Concentrate seals in shine softens dry hair & smooths tight curl for a smooth, frizz-free look.

Specially formulated for the unique needs of highly unmanageable, course, curly or extremely frizzy hair, this concentrate is infused with conditioning argan oil to increase softness and silkiness for easier brush glide and a speedier blow-out.

Lead stylist and owner Emmett Henley explains "The ingredient Squalene (which is also produced by your body's own natural oil) is the key hold moisture in your hair and creating a soft smooth feel"

Natural antioxidants work in synergy to help protect your hair while enhancing texture and quality to leave it soft and lustrous. Though this serum is concentrated and highly potent, it will not flatten your hair or increase weight, but will enable fluid movement with a polished finish.

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