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How to test your hair's porosity

Hair porosity simply refers to the hair’s ability to absorb & retain moisture. Depending on your hairs condition, type & texture your cuticle layers could be open or missing; allowing a lot of moisture to enter or escape too quickly. Low porosity, on the other hand, means your hair’s cuticle layers are closed tight and preventing moisture to penetrate it.

Test your hair’s porosity in 3 steps.

1. Fill a glass or bowl with room temperature water.

2. Take a couple strands of your clean hair and put them in the water. Clean hair is important. If you have oils or products on your hair, it will alter your results.

3. Watch it for 2-4 minutes. If your hair sinks immediately, it has high porosity. If it floats on top, your hair has low porosity. If hair slowly sinks it’s good.

If your hair has High porosity:

• Schedule a Deep conditioning & hair cut with your Vasuda Salon stylist. A professional conditioning will help seal opened, missing & damaged areas on the cuticle surface

• Consult with a Vasuda Salon stylist and at home products & regime that will help your hair retain moisture & smooth cuticle. At home deep conditioners like Moroccanoil® Smoothing and/or Restorative Hair Mask, Davines NouNou Conditioner or Vegetarian Miracle, Kevin.Murphy Repair or Hydrate Mask.

• Daily Care: Moroccanoil® Treatment Oil , Aveda® Dry Remedy Oil, Davines Oi Oil, Davines Plumping Super Active, or Kevin.Murphy Young.Again.

• Also talk with your stylist about a Full Keratin or Keratin Express. These treatments produce a temporary cuticle to hold & retain moisture.

• Semi & temporary Hair Color can create shine and offer a protective barrier.

If your hair has Low porosity:

• Incorporate heat with your Moisturizing Conditioner

• Use moisture & humectant rich products to draw & retain moisture to the hair like: Aveda Dry Remedy Shampoo ​& Conditioner, Moroccanoil® Intense Hydrating Mask, Davines Plumping DevaCurl One Condition.

• Use Clarifying or Detoxifying Shampoo like Kevin.Murphy Maxi.Wash or Davines Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo & Detoxifying Mud.

• Permanent Hair color, Highlight can help raise pH level to soften cuticle. Some Vasuda Salon Stylist and even do a pre-softening service (consultation required)

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