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Multi Color and Fashion Color Hair

One of the hottest Trends right now in hair color is beautiful fashion colors like Pink's Blues Reds and purples. But before you dive into getting one of these beautiful shades there's a couple things that you should know.

  • Start off by book in a free consultation with a Vasuda Salon stylist.

  • Your hair should be relatively healthy and if it is not your stylist can help you develop a plan to get it in the state to prepare it for the service.

  • Be prepared to come in for multiple services. Most fashion colors aren't done in one appointment but can take up to 2 to 4 appointments to get the perfect color for you.

  • Your color may seem a bit darker in the first week after your appointment. But should lighten up after a few washes.

  • Make sure to get a recommendation from your stylist on the shampoo conditioner and after care products you should use for your color this will have a great effect on the durability and vibrancy of your color moving forward.

  • You should book in an appointment after 8 - 10 weeks to get your color refreshed as it will surely fade

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