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Hair Thinning, Hair Loss and Hair Growth for Women.

I have been a hairdresser for over 27 years and many women have graced my chair. I performed over 75,000 services on women and men with different hair types and challenges. I've serviced clients who started with me as children and remained their stylist thru adulthood. That's said, I am aware of the challenges of hair thinning and issues of hair growth as women mature. In this post I'd Like to go over some of the facts, findings and possible solutions for those who are concerned about thinning hair or "slow to grow" hair.

  • Hair grows in Cycles. Anagen, Catagen Telogen. These Cycles are regulated by your hormones and are different all over your body. For instance, eyelashes grow for about 6 to 8 months. If your eyelashes grow short you may have a short antigen cycle. Hair growth is no different.

  • As we mature are hormones affect hair grow depending on genetics. In my experience it seems women go through changes in hormones starting at about puberty and then change again at about age 27 - 30. It seems the next big change happens at about 40 to 45 and then again at 60 and up.

  • Most women experiencing hair thinning will not realize the hair is thinning until they've lost about 50%. It is such a slow and gradual process that it's hard to detect on the day to day level.

  • The most common hair thinning I see in my chair is Hair Minimization. This normally happens around the hairline in the front. One sign of hair thinning is when the hair loses curl or body in that area. You may also start to see the hair around the temple area staying at a shorter length. This may signal a shorter anagen phase.

Solving the Issues

  • Many women will turn to vitamins to help solve hair growth and hair thinning issues. Supplementing with a good Growth Vitamin is a start If you are lacking vitamins and nutrients it will translate into weaker hair and affect the skin and scalp.

  • First talk to your hairdresser and ask if they noticed any difference. Tell them you would like their honest opinion. Keep in mind that you may just be experiencing breakage and/or normal hair shedding.

  • Take a look at your diet and your activity level. The main difference between your scalp and the rest of your body is your scalp has the most amount of blood vessels and hair follicles require large amount of nutrients and circulation. After bone marrow hair is the second fastest dividing cell in the human body.

  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor. As we mature are hormones change and talking to a professional may give us insight on changes in our diet activity or lifestyle that can affect her hair and a positive way.

  • The good news is there has been many new technologies and breakthroughs in hair growth especially for women. At vasuda salon I have different options they can help promote hair growth and scalp issues. I can make product recommendation for in salon and for home regimen to help create the best environment for hair growth.

In the meantime here is a link to more information on Best Practices for Healthy Hair.

live... learn,,, get Beautiful. Emmett Henley

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