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Don't Worry About Your Roots

Getting by until your next color appointment can be a challenge. Vasuda Salon and her Stylists want to make it easier to look your best and feel confident. Retouch.Me from Kevin Murphy will cover and blend gray and outgrown roots in seconds. Retouch.Me can also be used to create temporary highlights or low-lights effects or get creative with it. Pro Tip: Have you ever thought about being a red head for a weekend?

Never worry about your roots again! Instantly enhance, retouch or blend your grays at anytime, anywhere. RETOUCH.ME root touch-up spray allows you to cover up your roots, no matter where you are, with a spritz of our seamless, instant concealing spray. Created with hair-loving ingredients including Orange Peel Oil, Tangerine Peel Oil and Vitamin E, RETOUCH.ME creates a natural shine while keeping pigments true to color in and out of the can.

Available in BLACK, DARK BROWN, LIGHT BROWN and AUBURN, our new root touch-up spray disperses micro-fine pigments for a dry, satin finish that blends seamlessly with your hair color to create the perfect temporary tonal color that will naturally conceal your grays.

RETOUCH.ME is available at all Vasuda Salon locations, no pillow marks and no running even at the gym.

A satin finish that blends the grays seamlessly in between salon visits Watch the video on how to use.

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