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New Moroccanoil ChromaTech

I Have a confession to make. Since February 2018 we've been using a new treatment system from Moroccanoil. I am a very skeptical hairdresser and new products make many claim that I research and find it not what it claims to be. When i tried Moroccanoil ChromaTech Treatment system I was surprised and excited.

My first client I used it on has dark brown mid-back hair multiple bleach services. She does vibrant multi-colored hair (violets, blue, pinks) We would normally do her service in 2 separate days because it take 2 application to lift.

The ChromaTech System has two steps: Prime and Post.

The first step in the Moroccanoil ChromaTech Service, ChromaTech PRIME is a pre-color treatment that works on scalp and hair to provide the perfect canvas prior to haircolor or lightener.


  1. The Hair lifted in color evenly

  2. There was no scalp irritation or itching

  3. The hair lifted faster then normal (JUST ONE APPLICATION!)

  4. The hair felt stronger than normal as we were rinsing.

I shampooed and tones my client. The color looked amazing and it absorb into the hair perfectly. The second step in the ChromaTech Service, ChromaTech POST is an after-color treatment ensures the best hair color results while restoring the integrity of the hair. I apply for 5 minutes and i was impressed tensile strength of the hair.

  1. repaired the hair physically and chemically

  2. Locked in the color

  3. Sealed the cuticle

  4. Increased haircolor vitality

I did not suspect I would love this treatment so much. I have used it on many of my clients and the results are equally impressive. I have also used it on Relaxers, Texturizers and Perms with beautiful results. Pick up the Color Complete Protect & Prevent Spray and the Color Complete Shampoo and Condition to get the most from this service.

Schedule Now In Salon ChromaTech Treatment is $25 added to any Color or Relaxer Service. Get $10 Off a Color Complete Travel Kit when you get a ChromaTech in-salon Treatment (while supplies last).

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