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Vasuda Salon will be Stylist Owned & Operated

Change is Happening

Vasuda Salon will be Stylist Owned & Operated

In 2010, we opened our first Seattle location with three chairs. Year to date, we have hired over 120 young professionals. Our mission is to offer services to all hair types, host some of the best talent that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, while providing a beautiful experience, excellent customer service and all at a reasonable value.

What's Changing

We are excited to announce the next chapter. Effective November 2018, many of our stylists will begin partnering with us and will be operating their own business within Vasuda Salon. This change will allow stylists to have better control of their time, resources and services while enabling them to offer a more personalized experience for their clients.

What to Expect

We don't foresee any noticeable changes. You'll be able to schedule online and receive the same or more options for services as you always have. In the future, you will schedule directly with your stylist or online, and your stylist will handle payment. You will also be able to shop your favorite products online with free next day shipping. Liters and Travel Size Available Online (yay!)

live... learn... get Beautiful.

We Thank you in advance for supporting us during this transition and looking forward to seeing you soon. If you have any questions click below.

Emmett and Jessica Henley

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