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What is a Keratin Treatment? What Does It Do?

We get a lot of questions about Keratin Treatments and Smoothing Treatments and we hear a lot of incorrect or incomplete information from hairstylists and clients. This article can help offer you information so you to decide if a Keratin Treatment is right for you. Check out the Video at the bottom and learn more about Keratin Treatment by Clicking Here

Emmett Henley is an expert on Keratin and Smoothing Treatments. He has educated for brands such as Keratin Complex, Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Marcia Keratin. Emmett has also worked in Product Research and Development and Assessment on Smoothing category.

What is a Keratin Treatment?

A True Keratin Treatment is a solution which DOES NOT contain anything which can chemical change in the hair. Hair is made from

the protein Keratin. The action of a Keratin Treatment works by infusing the hair strand with more keratin protein fiber which holds it straighter while increases weight and strength. Because the hair has more keratin protein, it is subsequently stronger. The treatment also creates an artificial cuticle and seals the hair strand, locking in moisture and giving hair more shine. Keratin works on top of and directly under the cuticle. Filling in porosity and fortifying the hair strand.

Is Keratin Treatment a Chemical?

This is not a Chemical Change, this is a Physical Change. EX: Chemical Relaxer or Perm chemically alters the bonds in the hair, this is a permanent chemical change.

On the other hand, a Keratin Treatment fills the hair with Protein as you wash your hair the introduced keratin protein washes out over time and the hair should go back to natural curly state (if the service was done correctly).

That said, i refrain from saying "not a chemical". Consider this; Water is a chemical (H2O two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen). Pouring water on a shirt will make it look and feel different (physical change), however, as the shirt dries and water evaporates (leaves the fabric) it returns to it's original state.

Is Keratin the Only Protein used for These Services?

No, there are many proteins that are used by different brands for different reasons. Some reasons have a clear benefit and some are just marketing buzz words. for instance; at Vasuda Salon we have a Collagen Treatment (protein found in skin). This Treatment reduces steam in the air and can adjust the curl pattern for clients who want to keep curl and reduce frizz. Some brands claim they are not keratin but amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of Protein. ie. Apple sauce and a whole apple, basically the same thing.

What About Formaldehyde?

This is a question that comes up a lot. Keratin and hair are organic materials, they break down over time. Most products (not just Keratin Treatments) use preservatives like methylene glycol or urea to prevent breakdown of organic materials. During a Keratin Treatment your stylist will flatiron the hair, when the products is heated, a trace amount of formaldehyde is released into the air. whether it's food, clothing or building material almost ALL products with a shelf life emit formaldehyde at some level; it is naturally occurring.

Below is a list of common perservitives that release formaldihyde you can find in your bathroom or kitchen (none are dangerous; just an example)

  • DMDM hydantoin*

  • Imidazolidinyl urea*

  • Diazolidinyl urea*

  • Quaternium-15*

  • Bronopol (2–bromo–2–nitropropane–1,3-diol )

  • 5-Bromo-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane

  • Hydroxymethylglycinate

What about No formaldehyde?

If a product says it can give the same result and does not release any formaldehyde: (1) it will only last for one wash, (2) uses a liquid state of formaldehyde (ish) like formic acid (formaldehyde is a gas and can't actucal be in a product;only created via heat) or (3) it is producing a chemical change with ingredients like ammonium cysteine or Ammonium Thiocyanate (thio)

Is it Safe?

Yes, when done by a professional who is competent and trained in Keratin Treatment application this service is Completely safe. Vasuda Salon has also went one step further and had our Keratin Treatment Service tested by OHSA for the the safety of our Stylists and Clients.

The Results; Undetectable. No higher amounts of formaldehyde gas was in the air during or after the a Keratin Treatment at Vasuda Salon See Test Results

What client can expect Because Keratin treatments results can vary depending on hair type, porosity and texture. because of this we call them "Smoothing Treatments" to give a general idea.

  • Loose to Medium Curl: it will straighten the hair for 3 to 5 months

  • Tighter Spiral and Frizzing hair: it will drop curl, loosen curl pattern reduce frizz and make individual curl more uniform.

  • Relaxed Hair: makes hair stronger, shinier and bouncy. Will also allow you to work out without sweating your style out (helps style last longer)

  • Can be used over a tight curl to reduce frizz and make it easier to style straight.

  • Excellent for teenagers: it's temporary, chemical free and will make hair more manageable.

  • Color: locks in color to reduce fading. Keeps hair color more vibrant.

  • Because there is no chemical the service can be done over and over, with smoother results each time.

What are the negatives?

As i stated before, this service should be done by a professional who is trained in the application and science. different brands have different features and benefits. Brazilian Blowout is great for busy professionals who like to wear their hair smooth as possible. Marcia Keratin is the good option if you like to go from curly to straight and back again (also last longer). The results are progressive, this means if you love your natural curl and want it back, let the treatment wash out completely before getting it redone.

also to give you a better idea below is a slide show of Keratin Treatment over time. 1st day, 4 weeks later, 3 months later etc.

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