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Define and Loosen Natural Curl... (with a little help from Vasuda Salon)

Hi it's Emmett again. At Vasuda salon we love styling natural hair and introducing our clients the their best curls. Vasuda Salon has performed over 10,000 natural hair services. We offer instructions, direction, adjustments and recommendations so clients have options on how to best care for their hair; no matter how they wear it.

Reformation curl sets hair in the curl pattern you want

As natural hair styles evolve and more people move towards "wash and go" natural styles, clients desire more options to get looks that works with their face, their lifestyle and their vision.

Some challenges you may have with curly hair are:

  • Shrinkage : hair is long when blown out or wet but shrinks to a fraction of it length when it dries naturally.

  • Different curl patterns: at Vasuda Salon we see many different curl types. Sometimes on the same head.

  • Thermal damage: this is when the hair has permanently straightened due to heat and or oil damage.

  • Lack of curl definition: beautiful coily spirals or big bouncy Botticelli curl and everything in between curl type and definition can be an important factor in your look.

At Vasuda Salon we have options to help with any of these challenges. Sometimes is a DevaCurl Lesson, shaping your cut, a Texturizer or reformation curl service. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about your unique curl type.

Our client's hair (below) was straight due to thermal damage. we cut off unhealthy hair and show her the beautiful Natural curls she can achieve using products like Moroccanoil Curl Products

Client had straight ends due to Thermal Damage

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