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Flat-Iron for Healthier Hair

The NFUSION Treatment Straightening Iron is the tool you need. This isn’t a regular straightener…it has a secret: a vapor channel in both plates delivers an ultrasonic mist of heat-activated argan solution, infusing the treatment into the cuticle of the hair with a touch of a button! The results? The hair is conditioned and more manageable, and you’ve just styled AND treated her hair at the same time! Clients love the originality of it…check it out!

Available at Vasuda Salon (while supplies last) Save $60 on sale for $110

What is it?

  • Patented Ultrasonic Mister activates when the plates close

  • A revolutionary straightening iron featuring a vapor channel in both of its plates which creates the most effective way to infuse product while straightening hair

  • One of a kind Treatment Straightening Iron that infuses specially–designed, nutrient-rich solutions while straightening the hair

  • Results

  • Condition and manageability with all hair types and textures

  • Create new treatment revenues

  • Long, lasting volume on fine textured hair

  • Easy to style and treat hair at the same time

Features & Benefits

  • Specially-designed, vapor-channeling ceramic and tourmaline coated plate

  • Ultrasonic Mister is activated when the iron plates are closed resulting in the release of the Heat Activated Solution

  • Argan Solution gives condition and manageability while the Volumizing Formula with Hydrolyzed Wheat protein gives strength and volume for fine and fragile hair

  • Color-coded reservoirs matching heat activated solutions

  • Allows Heat Activated Treatment Solutions to penetrate the cuticle of the hair at the point of heat with the touch of a button

  • Personalized Heat Technology (PHT) ensures hair’s integrity is maintained on all hair types and textures

  • Easy-to-fill, color-coded reservoirs

  • Infuses nutrients while straightening hair

  • Includes 100ml Heat Activated Argan Heat Activated Volumizing Solutions

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

How to use

Take a section of hair, about 2 inches wide and ½ inch thick. Run the Treatment Iron from roots to ends. Run iron at a slow pace to ensure heat and infusion treatment are distributed evenly throughout the section of hair. Use the NFUSION Treatment Solution throughout your styling or intermittently on certain areas that need to be treated.

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