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Rare Lease Opportunity for Empowered Artist

Vasuda Salon has a new opportunity for empowered independent hairstylists. We receive over 1600 new clients per year and some of our stylists gross over $80,000 in service per year PART-TIME!! We have 2 stations available in North Seattle and 3 available in Tacoma.

Set your own schedule, keep 100% of your service dollars, use the products you love, sell the products you love. Team environment, work with other creative independent artists. First time leasing? We can coach you and direct you to the resources you need. Want more Info Contact US

Included: • WIFI • Utilities • Automated receptionist • Website listing • Stylist Support (business set-up)

Price Weekly:

Seattle $325 per week. Tacoma $275 per week. Tacoma Private Rooms (Massage, Lash, Esthetician) $350 per week.

About: A Salon for All Hair Types & Textures

In 2003, the first Vasuda Salon opened and with the direction of Emmett Henley, we began supplementing stylists' education to offer a well-rounded skill set. We believe by being educated in all hair types and servicing a diverse clientele, Vasuda Salon can offer more. We can reach over a large variety of experiences, trends, technologies, & solutions to help our clients achieve results customized to their particular lifestyle, desires, and style.

Vasuda Salon offers a wide range of hair services to professional women, men, and family. Our clients and artists have all different hair types, hair challenges, and backgrounds. November 2018, many of our stylists began partnering with us and operating their own business within Vasuda Salon. This allows stylists to have better control of their time, resources and services while enabling them to offer a more personalized experience for you.

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