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Moroccanoil Curl Control

Curl Control Mousse is our hottest styling product for curly coily hair; it's no wonder this curl hair product flies off our shelves.

This is the perfect product to define, elongate, control your curl. Curl Control also makes hair shiny and touchable without being heavy or sticky.

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How to use:

1. After cleansing and conditioning, detangle and separate hair in easy to manage section (about 6 to 8 with easy access to roots).

2. Starting at the root of hair apply about 1/2 pump of Curl Control Mousse to a section. Using your fingers; press and smooth to elongate and separate curls with fingers.

3. Repeat on each section. Diffuse or air-dry your hair without touching or disturbing the curls. and voila beautiful shiny curls.

What it is: Control curly, coily and tightly-spiraled hair with no crunch: Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse tames, defines and provides hold for hours, sealing in moisture and preventing frizzy hair in any weather. Lightweight yet powerful formula infused with argan oil provides soft, smooth hair with a natural texture and no sticky residue.

Purpose: Holding, Curl Enhancing

Ingredients: Argan Oil

Size: 5 ounce

Hold strength: Strong Hold

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