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New Apprentice Stylist: Breanna Parramore (Bree) - A Tapestry of Talent at Vasuda Salon

Vasuda Salon is Happy to welcome Bree into our cosmetology apprentice program. Braiding, Color, and Styling are Bree's focus. We look forward to seeing her grow in the right direction. From the earliest days of her childhood, Breanna Parramore, affectionately known as Bree, was destined for the world of hairstyling. Her journey began in the vibrant atmosphere of family-owned salons, where she was mesmerized by the transformative power of hairstyling. By the age of 11, Bree’s self-taught braiding skills signaled the awakening of her true calling.

Breanna Paramore is a stylist at Vasuda Salon, her training as via Clover Park Technical college and Vasuda Cosmetology Aprentice Program
Bree Stylist at Vasuda Salon

Pursuing her passion with vigor, Bree embraced the world of cosmetology, earning her AA at Clover Park Technical College. Her dedication to mastering her craft was paralleled by her tenure at Sally’s Beauty Supply, where she deepened her understanding of haircare products. Today, Bree is honing her skills through the apprenticeship Cosmetology Program at Vasuda Salon.

Bree’s expertise is as diverse as the clients she serves. She is a maestro of all hair types and textures, crafting vibrant colors, precise highlights, intricate braids, sleek relaxers, and bold clipper designs. Her philosophy extends beyond styling; she is an educator at heart, guiding clients on the journey to healthy hair and empowering them to embrace new looks with confidence.

A decade in the medical field has endowed Bree with exceptional customer service skills and a profound ability to listen and respond to the needs of others. This experience has only fueled her passion for hairstyling, a craft she continued to nurture alongside her medical career, staying abreast of the latest trends and techniques.

Recently, Bree faced the heartfelt loss of her beloved teacup yorkies, her companions of over 13 years. This turning point has allowed her to channel her full energy into realizing her dream of becoming a full-time hairstylist. Bree’s compassion and artistic flair drive her to inspire clients to achieve their hair aspirations, fostering a bond that weaves together beauty and satisfaction in every creation.

Join Bree at Vasuda Salon, where her hands weave magic and her heart builds connections, one hairstyle at a time.

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