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Collagen Treatment: Shiner, Healthy, Young Hair

The Natural Botox for Hair

What is Collagen?

Collagen Treatments have been Taking the country by storm. Professionals and celebrities have been singing the praises of this new hair treatment

that smooths, reduces breakage, and gives hair a healthier more youthful appearance. Vasuda salon has been offering this service for over a year and has seen amazing results.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, containing a variety of amino acids such as glycine, hydroxyproline, proline, and arginine. This protein strengthens and improves not just the hair but skin, bones, joints, and so on. A Collagen Treatment It is quite similar to the hair Botox treatment, in that it is not a chemical treatment and it “Plumps Up” while making it Smoother and Softer. Also, hair Botox treatments often contain collagen as an active ingredient to improve elasticity and hair volume.

What are the Benefits

What are the Benefits

  • The collagen will strengthen your hair making it more tough and hard to break.

  • The treatment reduces the amount of split ends that you have right now and the potential for split ends in the future.

  • This hair treatment reduces hair breakage and frizz making your hair much more manageable and lessening your number of bad hair days.

  • Collagen hair treatments help to protect your hair from the heat, whether that be hair straighteners or the sun on a particularly scolding summers day, this treatment has got your back.

  • Can help Loosen Curl or Just get rid of frizz.

How Long does it last?

Last 2 to 4 months depending on shampoo type and frequency.

Is this a straightener?

No this is a smoothing service. (consult with your stylist)

How smooth with it get my hair?

Adjustable curl reduction: This is not a chemical change so it depends on your hair and lifestyle. However below are some guidelines (consult with your stylist)

  1. I want no frizz, younger looking hair with the smoothest results wait: 4 to 6 Days

  2. I want to loosen my curl just a bit, no frizz, and younger looking hair: wait 2 Days

  3. I what all my curl just less frizz and better condition: wait 1 day to wash

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